Warning - This book contains explicit sexual and violent scenes. If either offend you please DO NOT purchase this book

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About the Author.

Terry Davis was born within the sound of the Bow Bells in 1948 just after the Second World War making him a real London Cockney. At the age of ten through serious illness Terry was moved out of London to escape from the serious smog problems of the 50’s. He spent most of his young life in hospitals and convalescent homes including 11 months in Davos, Switzerland. Due to his health problems Terry missed most of his school years and consequently had a poor education but this did not hold him back from being a successful businessman. Terry has travelled the world. He flew a single engine light aircraft from England to Australia in 1990 for charity, walked the Inca Trail and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro at the age of 64 also for charity.

Young Woman’s Unconstrained Coming of Age Story in

“A Long Road Home”

New book unravels to a intriguing teenage plot of violent sex and dire situations arising from drug trafficking and the quest to get back to the UK

 UNITED KINGDOM – (June 2013) – Terry Davis offers readers a stellar work of fiction that tackles today’s alarming problems that pose a threat to the youth the world over in A Long Road Home. This gripping tale follows the life of a young woman who runs away to escape the dull life of an orphanage only to find herself trapped in the midst of the bitter reality called life as she tangles herself in human and drug trafficking.

 Based in and around the ancient medieval town of Faversham, England, young Julie’s out of the ordinary adventures commences after she runs away from a spiteful Matron at the orphanage where she lived since the age of four. Oblivious of the harsh realities of the real world, she embarks on a journey that opens her eyes to the disappointing condition of the place, of the people around her, and, more importantly, the person she chooses to become.

 Set against the backdrop of mid-20th century England, readers will follow the rollercoaster life the young heroine endures in search of the meaning of life and establishing her identity. They will bear witness as to how Julie copes with the tribulations that befall her along the way. Wandering aimlessly from one place to the next, she encounters people from all walks of life through chance meetings; some for a short, trivial chat, while others play a huge role in exposing her to sinful pleasures.

 Intense and teeming with uninhibited passion and rage, readers will be moved as they follow her harrowing ordeals in the unforgiving streets where she has dragged herself into, A Long Road Home reveals the melancholic path teenagers were forced to take long ago in their quest to understand the world, its people and the true self.

Moya Taylor (Kent (UK)

It took me all of one day to read this book, not because of its lack of content, but because it was very gripping.
The free flowing nature of the novel having no chapters means the book drifts from one scenario to another with very little effort.

The story was very believable, although dramatic, and in places a little bit uncomfortable to read, but like watching Dr Who from behind the sofa as a kid, it was impossible not to carry on.
The book follows Julie's traumatic life as a young adult, desperate to escape a cruel matron in a children's home, who is jealous of her beauty, through to birth of her child and his early days.
Throughout the novel she encounters the beauty and evils of sex and humanity in general. She sees the highs and lows of how people can be treated in difficult circumstances; where people either show her incredible kindness or ruthless cruelty. She is helped and hindered along the way and has to face many fears and phobias, but also knows how blessed she can be with the love and kindness she is shown. This is a rags to riches story with twists along the way, but ultimately ends well.
In places the text could have had a little more substance to build the characters and scene, and the illustrations and pictures where unnecessary, but then I like to use my own imagination to create the scenes and characters, so is a personal preference.
As a first attempt at a novel this book is coherent, enthralling, and occasionally a bit filthy, but I do think all the scenes where important in building a full picture of the life and world that Julie finds herself in.
I look forward to reading the sequel about Julie's son Johnny C


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