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Luv2Read (USA Professional Book Reviewer)

This book is intense and amazing. The story line has nonstop action and adventure. I could not stop reading it. It is so engaging and very deep and real. The characters are superb and very likable. Julie is dealt a raw hand right from the start and she soon learns how strong she really is. She has a beautiful soul. Leroy is wonderful and such a giving man who helps everyone, with his own little secrets hidden within. Giles is great and finally finds the good life and learns to live again. The whole group of characters makes the story very interesting. The events that happen grab your heart and hold you till you are breathless. The attention to detail is wonderful and very descriptive. The pictures are a wonderful touch and really add to the book.

There is romance, kindness, friendships and wonderful bonds of loyalty. There are some very harsh struggles and some sad parts too. It is written very well and is clear and concise and easy to stay with, but impossible to put down. I have read a lot of books and this one is defiantly a favourite, and I really enjoyed reading it. I laughed and I cried, I loved and I hated. The author Terry Davis is brilliant and has an awesome gift for writing and I really want to see the next part of this story. His passion for writing comes through every word. I highly recommend this book to everyone. It is a great read, you will not be disappointed

Jessica Suave (USA Professional Book Reviewer)

A Long Road Home follows Julie's Barne's life, from the death of her parents that resulted in her being raised in an orphanage to her eventual escape from it to the birth of her bi-racial son in 1969. You're introduced to Julie just as she has run away from the orphanage, a terrified seventeen year old with a scant handful of money to her name and no place to go.

Julie's journey brings her into contact with a myriad of people, some generous, some heartless. The wide variety of characters helped add to the realism of the story, and with each encounter you witness Julie's growth as an individual. The story has some unexpected turns and is at times alternately violent and erotic, which made it impossible to put down once I'd started reading. Despite the hardships and occasional cruelty she experiences, overall I am left with the sense that Julie's life is blessed, particularly by the birth of her son, Johnny C.

 This was an interesting story for me, in part due to the elimination of defined chapters. This let the tale unfold in a steady stream, without the usual clear cut scene switch that chapters tend to create. Also the settings are unfamiliar to me as an American, but I appreciated the rich descriptions that helped me visualize the surroundings. I understand there is to be a sequel about her son, and look forward to it.

R Coker (USA Professional Book Reviewer)

“An Entrancing Novel

"A Long Road Home" is one of those novels that manages to capture your attention very quickly with sharp writing, authentic characters, strong dialogue, a smooth plot and an ineffable quality that just makes you want to read more. Terry Davis draws readers into the journey of Julie, a young orphaned woman who finds herself on a journey of self-discovery and adventure. The well-written novel is a promising start for the author, using emotionally charged drama, coming-of-age tones, strong characterization and Julie's charming personality to engage readers. The story bounces from deep emotional depth that really explores growing up and the realities of being an orphan to the timeless story of growing up and venturing out into the great big world. This was well worth the read and left me eager to read more from Terry Davis in the future. ”

Niki Spender (Kent UK)

Hello Terry. Well, i have finished your book , could not put it down ! I think because it does not have chapters and continuously flows, you feel as though you are walking alongside the characters. You really feel Julie's pain and find yourself smiling when the lovely people she comes into contact with prove to be good people. I do hope you are planning a sequel as i would like to see how her life gets better and steadier as her son grows up.

Liz Jerrery (Kent UK)

I read "A Long Road Home" in just a couple of days, largely due to it being an easy book to read with a gripping storyline. I liked the simplicity of it, the fact that the main character becomes involved in a mix race relationship during a time when this was less acceptable than today isn't brought into question for the reader to ponder upon, it's just how it is for these charters. Much of the story is presented in this way with no question of why, it just is. This is not to say the book is too simple, too far fetched or unbelievable, quite the opposite in fact, it was nice as a reader to read a story without having to question my own ethics or beliefs.

The story itself twists and turns from rags to riches and back and forth. In places uncomfortable, violent and some very raunchy! The beauty of this book is though it graphically describes the brutality of life the whole story is based in the love and kindness of humanity and ultimately leaves you with a warm feeling.

I particularly enjoyed the references to the local area and some of the local characters, it certainly left me feeling more connected to the story (though you don't have to be familiar with them to still enjoy this book).

I do not think a first attempt at writing a novel could be much better, and inspires any reader with an ambition in this area to have a go.

Congratulations Terry, this is a fantastic achievement, a great book and I look forward to the next one.

Abi Barnes (Kent UK)

When I brought this book I wasn't sure whether it would be my thing but it certainly was! As soon as I started reading it managed to capture my attention. I found the story very easy to follow and really loved the way the characters were made. Julie was the main character and I instantly connected with her from her tragic life story and it made me keen to carry on reading and see how her life progressed. I liked the fact that there were real locations in the book, even if I wasn't familiar with them myself, because I know there are lots of people out there who will. I also have a couple of friends who have read the book from different age ranges so it shows it's a great book for everyone. I highly recommend this book because I really enjoyed it and loved the storyline.

Moya Taylor (Kent UK)

It took me all of one day to read this book, not because of its lack of content, but because it was very gripping.
The free flowing nature of the novel having no chapters means the book drifts from one scenario to another with very little effort.

The story was very believable, although dramatic, and in places a little bit uncomfortable to read, but like watching Dr Who from behind the sofa as a kid, it was impossible not to carry on.
The book follows Julie's traumatic life as a young adult, desperate to escape a cruel matron in a children's home, who is jealous of her beauty, through to birth of her child and his early days.
Throughout the novel she encounters the beauty and evils of sex and humanity in general. She sees the highs and lows of how people can be treated in difficult circumstances;

where people either show her incredible kindness or ruthless cruelty. She is helped and hindered along the way and has to face many fears and phobias, but also knows how blessed s

he can be with the love and kindness she is shown. This is a rags to riches story with twists along the way, but ultimately ends well.
In places the text could have had a little more substance to build the characters and scene, and the illustrations and pictures where unnecessary, but then I like to use my own imagination to

create the scenes and characters, so is a personal preference.
As a first attempt at a novel this book is coherent, enthralling, and occasionally a bit filthy, but I do think all the scenes where important in building a full picture of the life and world that

Julie finds herself in.
I look forward to reading the sequel about Julie's son Johnny C

Jeannette Vandepeer (South Africa)

A book worth the read, it gets you to the point that you want to find out how life works out for her.  

Easy reading and the author's first ever book so got to speak as I find - for someone who had very little education

he certainly has been educated as far as real life experiences go and put it over in very simple terms


Derek Watson (Faversham)

The general overtone of the book was in the main "a nice story". The sexual content was just a bit too descriptive for me,

which I didn't think it really needed.

The only other comment is that perhaps the strong relationships with casual strangers developed a little to rapidly.
But Hey, it was still a good read.


Christine Rickard (Faversham)

Well done Terry just finished reading your book


Kev Still

Started to read it yesterday and cant put it down, when is No 2 coming out !!!!!!!!

Reminds me of the good old days with Tod !!!!!! Brilliant read.


Michelle James

Just finished the book. It made me smile and cry. Can't wait for the next one!!!! Would love to talk about it more but it would give everything away.

All I can say is.... Sorry guys you will have to read it.


Sandy Jemmett (Faversham)

Just finished reading, and I couldn't put it down. For a first book Terry, you should be very pleased with yourself, good story and I enjoyed all the local references. Can't wait for part 2!!!! x


Sandra Stannard (Sittingbourne)

Your book was very good, Afton got it on her kindle and my ex sister in law also read it ! And my mum too! Lol all wondered if there was another on its way xx


Christine Rickard (Faversham)

Really enjoyed reading A Long Road Home Terry a great story line and good references to the old town of Faversham.
Hope the second book is well on its way can't wait for sequel


Louise Bristow (Sittingbourne)

A great book with a gripping story. Local references that you can relate to and quite exciting throughout. Looking forward to the sequel Terry xxx


Louise Jordan (Sittingbourne)

Brilliant book Terry - what a wonderful imagination you have! Couldn't put it down - looking forward to the sequel! x


Kim (Sittingbourne)

I wasn't sure what to make of this book because I knew the author but I found myself hooked on the story line.

The twists and turns had me unable to put the book down and the violence seemed so fitting when u got to know the characters. I would definitely go out and buy the second book.

Get it written Terry!!!!