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1.1              The Pett Farm Euro Millions Syndicate (“PFS”) is a syndicate administered by Terry Davis of Pett Farm, Stockbury Valley, Near Sittingbourne, Kent, ME9 7RJ (“The Administrator”) Tel:- 01622 884651 or 07771523911  e-mail davis01@btconnect.com.

1.2              PFS is established to purchase on behalf of its members tickets in the Euro Millions Lottery (“EML”) and to distribute prizes won by winning tickets in accordance with these rules.

1.3              The members of PFS shall comprise not more than 10 Playing Member Syndicates (“PMS”) each of which shall comprise 10 Playing Members being individual persons at least 16 years of age and resident in the UK or Europe and legally entitled to purchase tickets in the EML. Playing Members may consist of one or two individuals sharing one Playing Membership in a PMS.


1.4              30 July 2010. After checking with Camelot they have advised that any person in the world can join a Syndicate as long as the Syndicate Administrator/Manager is a UK resident.  They would however be responsible for any local taxes that may be due. This rule replaces the relevant lines in Rule 1.3 above




2.1.1        The Administrator will operate PFS and application to become a member of a PMS shall be made to him with the full name, address, daytime telephone number and an e-mail address of each applicant for Playing Membership.  Application can be made on behalf of all 10 Playing Members with appropriate details of each member who wish to form a PMS or by an individual wishing to be assigned to a PMS when there are 10 applicants willing to join a new PMS.

2.1.2        The right is reserved to accept or decline any application for membership for any reason whatsoever.

2.1.3        The Administrator will notify each applicant for membership when the application has been accepted or the applicant assigned to a PMS and the Playing Members so accepted agree to be bound by these rules.

2.1.4        A payment of £5.00 per Playing Member must accompany every application for membership and held for the credit of each Playing Member and can be used at the discretion of The Administrator in case of late payment of the monthly payment required from that Playing Member to avoid an immediate cancellation of the membership of that PMS from the following draw.  Where required the advance payment can also be used to meet Bank Charges but otherwise will remain to the credit of the Playing Member.

2.1.5        Each Playing Member or each PMS on behalf of its 10 Playing Members must pay in advance by standing order on the 1st day of each month the sum of £22.08 in respect of each Playing Member or such other sum as notified by The Administrator to enable the purchase of 25 tickets per PMS for each weekly draw in the EML.  The monthly payment will include the sum of 10p per week to cover Bank Charges.

2.1.6        In the event of non payment of the appropriate monthly sum by a Playing Member that Playing Member’s PMS shall be notified and no further tickets purchased for that PMS until the issue of non-payment is resolved. Any sums held for the other members of the PMS will continue to be held to their credit. At the discretion of The Administrator and so as not to unfairly prejudice the other Playing Members of that PMS or the PFS generally, a reduced number of tickets as appropriate may be purchased on behalf of the paid up Playing Members of that PMS but in such event the non-paying Playing Member shall without exception be exclude from any prizes whether won by his PMS of any other member of the PFS.

2.1.7        Prizes won by a PMS will, subject to rules 2.1.6 and 5, be shared equally among its Playing Members.




3.1.1        Unless an application for membership is accepted on behalf of 10 persons forming their own PMS each person assigned to a PMS shall be notified of the particulars of each Playing Member in their own PMS but such details will not be given to any other members of the PFS.

3.1.2        Information will be sent as appropriate to each Playing Member by e-mail or at the discretion of The Administrator by text message or in some other way.

3.1.3        The Administrator will maintain a separate Bank Account for the PFS and keep proper records and accounts for the PFS and for each PMS. Any Playing Member will be entitled on giving reasonable notice to inspect and take copies of those accounts and records in respect of the PFS and the PMS of which he is a member but shall not be entitled to inspect the records or accounts of any PMS of which he is not a member save for the details of any prizes won by such other PMS in which his own PMS is entitled to share in accordance with these rules.

3.1.4        The Administrator will monitor the monthly payment by or on behalf of each Playing Member and notify the Playing Members of any PMS in the event of non payment within 5 working days. Where non payment has not been resolved in accordance with rule 2.1.6 and tickets are not being purchased on behalf of a PMS the other members of the PFS are to be notified of that circumstance but do not need to be told the name of the non paying Playing Member.

3.1.5        The Administrator will notify by e-mail after each weekly prize draw the details of any prizes won by a PMS but not the identity of any Playing Members of a winning PMS of which he/she is not himself a member.




4.1.1        The Administrator will be responsible for the weekly purchase tickets for PFS on behalf of  each PMS and its Playing Members but will not sell tickets in the EML or operate a lottery or purchase tickets in the name of any individual PMS or Playing Member.

4.1.2        An application made on behalf of 10 Playing Members wishing to become a PMS may include the entry numbers for each line of numbers to be purchased on behalf of that PMS (those numbers can only be changed with unanimous agreement of all Playing Members in that PMS and the consent of The Administrator) otherwise all numbers shall be chosen by lucky dip as provided by the EML. When entry numbers have been assigned to a newly formed PMS the rule with regard to changing those numbers will apply.

4.1.3        When accepted for membership each PMS will be assigned a unique reference  which will be used to identify all tickets purchased on behalf of that PMS and the Playing Members of every PMS will be notified of the numbers chosen or assigned and any agreed changes to be used by each PMS.

4.1.4        The Administrator will in accordance with rule 3.1.5 notify each week by e-mail to all Playing Members of every PMS the details of all wins made by tickets purchased on behalf of any syndicate members of the PFS including in all cases the identity of the winning PMS but not of the Playing Members of that winning PMS.




5.1  Any prize won by a ticket purchased on behalf of PFS and its members shall be distributed as follows:-

5.1.1        Any prize of value not exceeding £50.00 shall be accumulated together with all other like prizes until the first week in December in each year and then distributed equally among each PMS who is a member of the PFS on the distribution day and The Administrator who shall be entitled to one share equal to that received by the Playing Members in respect of each PMS entitled to share in the distribution. Whenever a new PMS is admitted to membership of the PFS the Administrator shall first distribute the accumulated prize fund among the existing PFS members and then accumulate any such prizes for distribution either on the following first week in December  as set out in this rule or on the admission of another PMS.

5.1.2        Any prize exceeding £50.00 in value but less than £10,000.00 in value shall be distributed equally among the Playing Members of the winning PMS and The Administrator who shall be entitled to one share equal to that received by the Playing Members of the winning PMS.

5.1.3        Ten per cent (10%) of any prize of £10,000.00 or greater value shall be distributed in equal shares among each PMS who is a member of the PFS on the day of the win provided that each such PMS has been a playing syndicate in the PFS from the beginning or not less than 9 months. The remaining 90% of such prize shall be distributed equally among the Playing Members of the winning PMS and The Administrator who shall be entitled to one share equal to that received by the Playing Members of the winning PMS.




6.1.1        The Administrator will use reasonable care and skill to ensure that each Playing Member enjoys the benefits of joining a syndicate in the PFS in accordance with these rules.

6.1.2        Save for Bank charges, the cost of which is to be included in the monthly payment The Administrator will be responsible for all communication costs.

6.1.3        The liability of The Administrator to any PMS or Playing Member is strictly limited to the monthly payment made by that PMS or Playing Member during the month that the event upon which such liability arose.

6.1.4        In no event will The Administrator become liable to any PMS or Playing Member in respect of any loss of prizes or anticipated loss of prizes in respect of any event beyond the reasonable control of The Administrator or failure or break down in communication either with the PFS or EML including failure of public or private telecommunications networks delays, losses, errors or omissions in or made by any Internet Service Provider or the banking system and any rules or regulations imposed by lawful authority but nothing in these terms shall limit the liability of any person in the case of fraud or which is not lawfully permitted to be excluded.

6.1.5        It is the responsibility of every Playing Member to ensure that all personal details given to The Administrator are accurate and up to date, including where needed Bank account details for the transfer of winnings.

6.1.6        Nothing in these rules nor in taking part in the PFS is intended to create or will create any partnership agency between any Playing Member and The Administrator.

6.1.7        The right of The Administrator to amend these rules for the better management of the PFS is reserved but no change shall be made to the rules for distribution of prizes without the unanimous consent of all Playing Members.

6.1.8        No Playing Member shall publish or distribute any details of winnings made by any members of PFS without their consent given in writing beforehand.

             Amendment agreed by email vote 02 July 2010

 It was agreed by 17 yes votes and 0 No Votes to reward the member who’s

chosen numbers produce the highest value in wins over a one year period

a £100.00 Bonus Payable in the first week of December each year.

 If you wish to join our Syndicate please click this link to print the application form 


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Telephone Number…………………...........Mobile Number……………………….


email Address………………………………..



Signature………………….Print Name…………………Date…………….


            Please Choose Your Euro Numbers 


            Five  No’s 1- 50………………………..      Two Star No’s 1 to 9 Will be used from our Combination Numbers


            Five  No’s 1- 50…………………………  Two Star No’s 1 to 9 Will be used from our Combination Numbers


             The odd Numbers will be drawn by Lucky Dip and retained throughout




Administrator:- Terry Davis, Pett Farm, Stockbury Valley, Nr. Sittingbourne, Kent, ME9 7RJ. Tel:-  01622-884651 - 07771523911 email:- davis01@btconnect.com